About Us

Providing all your manufacturing requirements in one facility

Manufacturing services to suit your needs

HEIGHTS was established in 1974 as an engineering design company and, in the years following, success came in manufacturing a wide range of innovative equipment.

With our involvement in a diverse variety of industrial markets, and heavily centred around design and manufacture, HEIGHTS Group of Companies now provides key equipment in a number of business sectors.

How we can help you: Contract Manufacturing

Our experience means we are well placed to help you with all aspects of design and engineering, and can offer you our comprehensive manufacturing service.  You can benefit from our years of industry knowledge, encompassing everything from analysing initial design ideas, design processes, prototyping, manufacturing, procurement, packing and logistics, and everything in-between!  Use the complete service or fill the gaps in your operational capabilities and take your pick from the options we can offer.  HEIGHTS can offer you a manufacturing service entirely suited to your individual needs.  No job or batch is too small.

HEIGHTS operate from well equipped facilities with a large production space.  We have excellent customer service and support, and run a fully managed supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to shipping products worldwide.

Why choose a Contract Manufacturer?

We can help you save significantly on labour costs, materials and other expenses related to production.  By using HEIGHTS you don't have to pay for your own production facility or invest in the equipment or manpower required to manufacture your product.  You can also take advantage of our highly skilled workforce.

You can utilise the strong relationships we have with suppliers within our global network, that ensures you will get the best quality at the most competitive price.  We have proven and reliable links with all types of supplier from raw materials and components, through to packing and logistics partners.

Our quality control procedures mean that you can be sure of fully tested and reliable finished products each and every time.

Outsourcing your contract manufacturing to HEIGHTS means you are able to concentrate your activities elsewhere, such as selling and promoting your product.  With the pressure off to invest in your own manufacturing facility, you can free up valuable resources and focus on developing and expanding your business, whilst benefiting from the expertise, advice, service and quality that HEIGHTS can provide.