Design Services

Bringing your ideas to life

Let HEIGHTS bring your ideas to life

At HEIGHTS we can offer you a full design service from initial concepts and prototyping, through to final design and manufacture.  Our experienced design engineers use SolidWorks 3D modelling software to bring your ideas to life.

Design Specification

We can take your initial idea and develop this into a market ready product.  Our design team will work with you on a detailed specification, including selection of materials and component parts, offering recommendations based on their extensive manufacturing experience.

Prototyping & Development

Before commiting to full production we can provide a full prototyping service.  Our design engineers will test, improve and develop your idea further.  Full advice will be given at every stage.

Design for Manufacture

Once the prototype is proven, our team will then optimise the design for manufacture, producing full sets of engineering drawings and documentation.

Sourcing of Parts

HEIGHTS have built a global network of trusted suppliers so will be able to source the best component part for the job at the most competitive price.  This includes mechanical parts, electrical panels, mouldings and castings.


Utilising our extensive in-house machining and assembly capabilities, we can finally turn your idea into a reality by manufacturing your equipment, whether this is a one-off machine or a larger batch.

Build Documentation

HEIGHTS will prepare full and detailed sets of build and user documentation.

Test Documentation

We will carry out comprehensive testing of all equipment and will provide full test documentation.