Machine/Sub Assembly

Complete machine and sub assembly builds

Comprehensive Complete Machine and Sub Assembly Builds

Complementing our own manufacturing operation HEIGHTS can offer a complete assembly service, from smaller sub assemblies through to complete machine assemblies.  In addition, we can provide all the other services that go hand-in-hand with this, from design to special purpose workholding, documentation of all processes, quality procedures, through to spare part support, bespoke packing and worldwide shipping.  HEIGHTS have a long history of working with blue chip companies such as AGFA, DuPont, Fujifilm and Kodak.

Complete Machine Assembly

HEIGHTS have extensive in-house assembly capabilities, drawing on our vast experience of manufacturing our own products for over 30 years, we can assemble fully built equipment ready for market.  HEIGHTS can specify and purchase any necessary materials and components.  Letting us assemble your equipment means you can cut operational costs, reduce inventory and simplify assembly, purchasing and scheduling.  We can manufacture from your original design, or have the facility to turn your ideas into a finished product.  HEIGHTS can also refurbish or carry out modifications to existing equipment according to your exact requirements.

Sub Assemblies

HEIGHTS can supply fully tested sub assemblies, allowing customers to focus on their core business activities, freeing up resources, minimising quality problems, saving time and money, and filling the gaps in operational capabilities.  We can manufacture or procure all of the components for your assembly requirements to save you the expense of handling the supply logisitics yourself.


Effective workholding increases productivity by reducing operation time and improving repeatability, thereby reducing scrap rates, saving on labour costs and ultimately saving on unit costs.  HEIGHTS can design and engineer high quality jigs and fixtures to assemble large numbers of components with a high degree of accuracy and uniform quality.

Quality & Inspection

We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.  Prior to delivery of finished equipment and components we will carry out comprehensive trials and tests, providing full evidence and documentation.

Build Documentation

HEIGHTS can supply full and detailed sets of build documentation (for your complete machine assembly or sub assembly) either producing original documents or updating existing ones.

Test Documentation

We will carry out full testing of all complete machine or sub assemblies and will provide full test documentation to the customer.

Spare Part Support

You can rely on HEIGHTS to support you with the spare parts that your machinery requires for maximum operational reliability.  Technical support is also available.

Packing Documentation

In conjunction with our preferred packing supplier, we are able to specify the correct packaging to protect valuable goods against the potential risk of damage in transit across all distribution modes, both nationally and internationall.  Full packing documentation will be supplied by us.

Worldwide Shipping

Our Sales and Logistics Team are highly trained and experienced in all areas of international and domestic logistics.  We have successfully been selling and shipping equipment worldwide for decades, meaning we have acquired a vast and comprehensive knowledge in international trade and logistics.  We can ship to yourselves or direct to your own customer.